Say NO to RAW!

Exploring Food Myths:

say no to rawAsking my patients to NOT consume raw foods has always -without fail- led to expressions of shock and surprise on their part! As a naturopath well-versed in nutritional sciences (being my passion as well as my undergraduate degree at UofT), as well as the latest trends and fads, I can understand my patients’ doubts when I recommend cooked meals. They come to me expecting to go on a raw foods/juicing diet and believe they are doing their body good by ensuring that a large portion of their diet is made up of raw foods. Wrong!

I have always tried to explain this from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective and the Yin and Yang nature of foods and our bodies abilities to digest, assimilate & utilize nutrients from foods, and the necessity to ensure part of the food breakdown is completed prior to foods reaching our mouth and stomach. There’s now scientific evidence that confirms many traditional medical beliefs including TCM.

Here’s the study quoted and commented on by Dr. Weil MD;  there’s now more evidence as to why raw foods aren’t all that they are hyped up to be!




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2 Responses to Say NO to RAW!

  1. The first thing my acupuncturist said to me when he was treating me for nausea related to cancer treatments is “Be gentle on your system and eat soft, cooked foods”
    I’ve shared my experiences with foods when I was very sick, and some “raw foodie” folks get very defensive. Sometimes a person’s food is their religion and they don’t like to get “attacked”! 🙂

    • NDNegin says:

      Well said! I couldn’t agree more with your acupuncturist nor your view on how certain individuals take their diets so personally. While, I see it as my personal duty to help each patient achieve their best health with the latest western scientific knowledge in combination with the tried and true millennia-old medical traditions. Thanks for your input 🙂

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