“10% of the wold’s population needed to change the world!” Dr. E

Revisiting an article I wrote a few years back…

Dr. Emoto, a researcher from Japan studying the impact of altering water by various factors of vibration and consciousness has demonstrated that human thoughts and emotions can alter the molecular structure of water. So how about some physical evidence that the power of our thoughts can change the world within and around us? Visit this page for more information on this topic.

This may not be new to anyone but what I thought was amazing was his conclusion that change is possible with only 10% of the wold’s populations being the driving force behind the change. He says, “since water is the mirror reflecting our level of consciousness, a large percentage of the people on the planet, at least 10 percent of the people, need to have the love and the kan-sha awareness…and the reason I say 10 percent is that this ratio is mirrored in nature. ImageWhen we look at the world of bacteria, for example, there are 10 percent good bacteria, 10 percent bad, and a majority of 80 percent opportunistic bacteria that could go either way. In looking at the various environmental issues we are faced with, and the tasks that we need to fulfill for the planet, if we could get more than 10 percent of the people consciously aware, than I believe we could pull the 80 percent in that direction, too.”

So this one’s for all the pessimists out there who have no faith in humanity anymore! Change is possible and not only possible but inevitable!

Here’s a video presenting some of Dr. Emoto’s Research findings.



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