The Role of Acidity in Disease

naturopath london cleanse alkalanize acidity acid base saliva urine treatmentWhat does it mean for the body to be acidic?

Here’s a simple example for those who have ever exercised pushing over their limit –usually with resistance type exercises! When our  muscles are pushed to their limit metabolically -the point where “aerobic” (with Oxygen) metabolism for the production of energy is no longer sufficient- our body starts the process of “anaerobic” metabolism where energy is produced in the absence of oxygen. What happens in this process is the formation of lactic acid. An acid! Remember how your muscles felt after such a workout? They were burning, fatigued and just in the most uncomfortable pain! This is an extreme form of acidity in only one part of your body –a certain muscle. Systemic acidity is not very different from this. What results however is damage to every system in your body causing such health conditions as osteoporosis, kidney disease, and muscle wasting (known as the cause of the many diseases of ‘aging’.

As with many of the chronic health conditions of today, chronic systemic acidity however can be controlled and prevented with simple changes in lifestyle. Our body’s pH (acid-base balance) is affected by what enters our body (food) and what exists (through our breath and urine). Although the largest factor in chronic low-grade level of acidosis results from a high dietary intake of acidic foods, our breathing also plays a large role in controlling acidity (the incidence of high acidity resulting from our modern diet has been well documented).

Here’s a simple and effective alkalinizing exercise: BREATHE! And I’m not talking about your usual, unconsciously performed shallow breathing but conscious deep cleansing breaths! Here are some instructions:


     The following exercise is a simple way to deepen breathing and to alkalinize the body. This exercise will also increase energy and decrease tension.

  • Sit up straight OR lie flat on your back to get a proper sense of deep breathing.
  •   Place your hands palm down on your stomach at the base of the rib cage. (The lungs go that far down. What fills them deeper is the pushing down of the diaphragm. Carbon dioxide is expelled from the blood into the about-to-be exhaled breath, thus cleansing the body and blood of waste products.)acidity treatment london natural health homeopath acupuncture nutrition diet herb
  •  Lay the palms of your hands on your stomach just below the rib cage, and take a slow deep breath for a count of 5.  (As the diaphragm pushes down, the stomach will slightly expand. You should feel your hands moving upwards as you breath deep into your belly)
  • This movement indicates full use of the lungs, resulting in a truly deep breath rather than the “puffed chest” breath. Chest breathing fills the middle and upper parts of the lungs. Belly breathing is the most efficient method filling in the lungs completely.
  • Once inhalation in complete, hold your breath then for another count of 5 and then exhale slowly for a count of 10 fully exhaling. Watch your hands move up on your belly as your belly expands with your inhale and fully lowered as you exhale pushing your diaphragm up as your empty your lungs out fully.

For best results, start practicing this exercise a number of times throughout the day, for a minimum of one minute each time! To help you remember this every important alkalinizing exercise, set visual reminders by putting out sticky notes (in your bedroom, office, the bathroom, your desk, fridge) or reminders on your phone.


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