A commonly missed diagnosis: Thyroid dysfunction

Traditional Methods of detecting thyroid abnormalities and diagnosis based on laboratory analysis are not sufficient in most cases of subclinical hypothyroidism.

Upon suspicion of hypothyroidism (based on symptoms such as low energy and moods, weight gain, cold intolerance and low body temperature, constipation, and dry skin) the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is confirmed through laboratory analysis. Where this system fails however is when all lab results are within normal limits and no other diagnoses can explain the set of symptoms experienced by the patient and the patient is simply told all is well!

Thyroid dysfunction is of many types. Some are auto-immune varieties, some are brought on by changes during pregnancy, some induced by stress and/or chronic illnesses, some can be worsened by dietary choices, and, and, and…

However, what is common among most is that they are not always detectable through the traditional means of laboratory analysis. A patient presenting with signs and symptoms of an underfunctioning thyroid will not necessary have thyroid hormone values that fall outside the ‘normal range’.

For one, ‘normal’ values differ from individual to individual whereas most laboratory ranges take an average of values within a population deemed as being ‘normal’ and use that against YOUR lab results to let you know whether your thyroid is functioning below or above average. In simple terms, the reference ranges are impossibly too broad. Second, some cases of an hypothyroidism do not result in abnormal thyroid hormone value.

Since hypothyroidism is a condition that can be successfully treated, it is all the more important that once the history, examination and basal body temperature add up, diagnosis does not rely unreasonably on blood pathology so that treatment can begin.

If your suspicions of an underfunctioning thyroid have been dismissed based on normal lab values, I’d recommend you see a naturopathic doctor who will through a thorough assessment of your case history and presenting clinical signs and symptoms help support you through a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Yours in Health.


About Negin

Graduate of natropathic Medicine based in London, Ontario
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