Nutritious Breakfasts under 10 mintues!

As requested I’m posting some of my favorite healthy breakfasts under ten minutes. Goal for breakfast as with any meal is to ensure you’ve got balanced amounts of carbohydrates -from whole unprocessed grains and fresh fruits- proteins and good fats. The following are gluten and dairy free for those who have sensitivities or are on a hypo-allergenic/cleansing diet.

Nutty Fruity Oatmeal

½ cup Steel cut (Irish) oats; small handful of walnuts; small handful of raisins or blueberries; a pinch of spice -cinnamon works great as does a bit of ginger for a little heat; Salt to taste!

Soak oatmeal in 2 cups of boiling water in pot overnight. In the morning mix in all the rest of the ingredients and let water boil for ~4 minutes, reduce heat and let simmer for another 5 minutes stirring occasionally.  Can serve with ½ cup almond/rice milk (also tastes great with coconut water)! The cinnamon and raisins should satisfy your sweet tooth, if they don’t however, add 1tbsp maple syrup, molasses or honey.

*Can replace this recipe with quinoa flakes (no need to soak overnight) and milk of your choice cooked with diced apples or sweetened with applesauce and sprinkled with cinnamon and ground flaxseeds.

Rice Cake Spreads

1. Rice cakes with hummus, sliced cucumber, and avocado.

2. Rice cakes with nut butter of your choice (almond/cashew/pumpkin) and sliced bannanas or blueberries  -heaven!!!

Peach Melba Smoothie

1 cup rice, oat, or almond milk; 1 Peach; ½ cup raspberries; 1-2 ice cubes

Optional: ½ cup unflavored* protein powder of your choice; 1 tbsp ground flax (will thicken mixture**)

*Careful when shopping for protein powders since, as a way of reducing the carbohydrates to protein ratio they usually will include sweeteners rather than natural sugars! This is fine as long as the natural sweetener Stevia is used (and you’re ok with it’s slight aftertaste)! Otherwise go for the unflavoured/natural type which is safer taste-wise and you can play around with depending on your preference -can easily add cocoa powder, vanila extract or berries of your choice.

** Flax seeds being a soluble fiber will soak up all the water content of your mixture making it very thick -you can almost chew through your smoothie which I love! However if you want to drink it down without much chewing effort stay away! 😀



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